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Tips For Summer Gardening

Summertime is gardening time! Most of the gardeners do their planting in May and then when June comes they tend to the seeds. Here in this article, you will receive some handy organic gardening ideas for summer from Dallas landscaping company. Below is a list of helpful tips recommended for growing your crops in summer:

Getting rid of aphids

There is a very cheap and highly effective solution to get rid of aphids, but it comes with drinking lots of orange juice. What you need are orange peels. The orange peels are the arch enemies of the aphids. So the next time any of the plants in your organic garden gets affected by aphids, use some orange peels. For example, if you have daffodils and aphids changed them then use some orange peels and wrap them around the affected area. You will see that within a few hours the aphids will be gone.

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Problems with gardenias?

Sometimes it happens that the acid-loving plants like gardenias and azaleas develop leaves which are yellow, but the stem remains green. This has to do because of the lack of iron content in the plant. To support the iron content you can use chelating iron. With it, the soil becomes rich in iron value and then plants can absorb that iron from the ground.

Don’t forget the fertilizer

In summers it is even more essential to use fertilizer for the plants. Also, make sure you use only organic fertilizers and not the synthetic fertilizers. This is because the synthetic often has negative impacts on the quality of the soil, unlike the organic fertilizers. Fertilizers don’t only help develop the quality of the ground but also helps in reducing the insect damage.

Mulch the garden

It is essential to mulch your garden whether you believe it or not. During the hot summer day, the soil tends to crack and mulching prevents that by preserving the moisture. Not only this, but mulching also curtails and secures your crops against and unwanted noxious weeds. It improves the quality of the soil growth and supports the yield. Try to mulch your organic garden with a layer of height at least 2-3 inches. It can then reduce the evaporation of the soil up to 75 percent or more.

Add compost

If you want to keep the quality of the soil high then don’t forget to add compost to it. Compost provides all the essential nutrients to the ground and also preserves the moisture. Between mulching and adding compost, it keeps your garden looking healthy and yielding more productive for you to consume.

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In addition,the first thing you need to consider while planting a garden in summer is choosing of plants. Choose the flower plants that have less water requirement and survive in the full sunlight during summer. You can select the bare root trees, shrubs and roses that thrive well in the warm environment. You can plant the vegetable in your garden. Lettuce and spinach are easy to grow and can be used in salads. You can also increase parsley and cilantro in your garden. Coriander improves digestion and fights infection. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and helps to remove heavy metals. Parsley contains vitamin A, C, K, iron and number of antioxidants.

Apart from the vegetables, you can grow flower plants like wildflowers and spring blooming annuals. Asiatic lilies and hardy Orientals can also be the excellent option for planting in summer.

Now, as you have selected the plants for your garden, you need to prepare the garden bed. Choose the appropriate design pattern for your garden and adjust the bed accordingly. Dig the soil of the area and add some organic compost in the ground to add nutrients. Inspect the area and check for the drainage and watering facilities. Make sure to plant the flower plants that require full sunlight in open field and plants thriving in less sunshine in shady areas.

Put some fun in your garden with the garden gnome and goblins tucked playfully around the yard. Add the touch of vision to this relaxed part of your home with butterflies, turtles, and frogs that depict other animals of the forest.

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Create the fences for your garden by planting shrubs. You can also use wooden fences for your garden. Plant the vines that can grow upwards on these fences and provide more beautiful green look to your garden. Follow the complete gardening tips to maintain your flower garden during summer.

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