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Get help from telemedicine to prevent contagious diseases this winter

This cold and flu season, how about we all agree to quarantine ourselves at the first hint of an infection? That would mean that when sudden fatigue hits, or dizziness, or a sore throat/cough/tickle, or wave of nausea…we go home, bolt the door, and don’t come out until we are well. It might sound impossible, but if more people adhered to this suggestion, there would be a lot less illness passed around.
The main problem with not infecting others has to do with the way colds, and flu is passed: the viral particles are shed by the infected person at least 24 hours before they realize they are ill. Once the symptoms start, it’s too late-everyone you had contact within the previous 24 hours already has a dose of those particles. Of course, the best way to avoid passing viruses around is to practice good hand washing techniques and to cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (and don’t touch anything until those germ-laden hands are washed).
If you ever want to see what can happen without proper hand washing, get yourself some ‘glow germ’ solution and put one drop on a hand and rub it all over the hand. Then go through your normal motions: open doors, answer the phone, shake hands, eat, etc. Then get out the black-light and see where you have been. Yow! There will be little ‘glow-germs’ all over the place, including on other people. Even with vigorous washing, there will still be lines of ‘glow-germs’ on your hands. It’s enough to make one paranoid about ever touching things in public again.
The problem of passing contagious diseases around to innocent people is one that has been with all life-forms since…well…life began on Earth. We can do something about it by being more compassionate and sequestering ourselves away when we think we have caught something. Since contagious diseases have a geometric progression (one infects two who infect four, who infect sixteen, etc.), we usually have a little warning that something is out there. So when you feel a symptom of cold or flu, find a doctor online and get thyself to the cave and roll the rock to behind you.
In the case where almost an entire city gets the flu within a day or two, it isn’t a normal’s our government experimenting on the population to see how many would be knocked out with biological warfare. History has multiple incidences of such things being foisted upon an unsuspecting public, and it’s not just our government, it’s every government. Welcome to the insanity of modern warfare.
The least we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones is to practice good hygiene and do our best not to pass along bacteria and viruses that we harbor. When you consider that there is a good chance that at least 4% of the infected will die from the common flu, it just makes good sense to do our best to protect self and others. After all, that 4% doesn’t sound like much unless it happens to us or someone we care about.
Physician, metaphysician, internet entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and lover of life. Traveling with the Quantum Vortex Experience, she has helped thousands of people reach the inner connection they are seeking and has contributed to the discoveries of manifestation practices via quantum physics applications.
Why do we have this problem? There are several reasons. Some parents don’t vaccinate their children for religious reasons. Some parents don’t vaccinate their children because (up till now) they couldn’t afford it. Some don’t like the idea of putting strange things into their children’s bodies. Then there is the myth:
A doctor published a report that stated that there was a direct link between the MMR vaccination and autism. Several years ago he was forced to recant that finding. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that this is a myth and some that still believes that there is a connection.
As a parent and a grandparent, I want to make a strong suggestion. If you have doubts about giving your child a vaccination look up what could happen if your child catches that contagious diseases. As there are so many people against vaccinations, the chances of that happening to your child has increased.
Do you want to watch your child turn blue and gasp for air in a coughing spasm that makes them vomit? Do you want to see your infant die because children that young don’t have the strength to handle the spasms? That whooping cough… and it’s not a virus. It’s a bacterium, and the child can catch it again unless vaccinated.
Do you think that your child would like to be blind or deaf because of the measles? How about the male infertility problem from mumps? Perhaps the paralysis of polio?
These vaccinations are there to save your child from all of these. You can’t make the parents around you vaccinate their children, but you can protect your own… and yourself. Please, vaccinate.

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