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Buying Gifts

Gifts are for everyone

At the end of every year, we seem to find ourselves in the same holes looking to dig our way out of financial, emotional or intellectual debt. The coffers have been emptied and we find our boxing day offerings are pretty meager. The truth is we overspend on the material aspects of relationships and usually neglect the spiritual side of life. There is a soul to life and we don’t know the depths of soul beyond the gospel choruses we hear in the background of our favorite songs on the radio.

“Wow, that has soul!”

This may not be the way in which you compliment music art or a person, but it is something that can be said about every person. They’ve got soul is a way of saying that they give you a feeling of life, excitement, and courage. The presence of a song, person or idea can invigorate, rejuvenate and embolden you to greater action or fewer mistakes.

The lesson to be had is that soul can not be substituted for with energy but is itself the producer of great energy. Without soul a song will never come to life. If there is no soul to a gift you’ll find it is received with little energy. The soul of something has to do with how much energy you breathe into it. I spent hours thinking about creating and developing gifts for my family and they were all very thankful.

Everyone should know the joy of receiving a gift they like. To receive a good gift a person must first express clearly what they like. Some individuals are not good at conveying a clear signal about what they want. I tend to be one of those people who sends mixed signals so this last year I’ve tried to be intentional about expressing what I want and not mixing interest with desire and desire with passion.

It is best if I can clearly state what it is I want in any given situation before

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